Admire The Heavenly Beauty Of Ancient Bagan On A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Despite less popular than the Angkor Temple Complex of the Southeast Asian brother, Cambodia, Bagan is still a powerful magnet for Myanmar tourism. Riding a hot air balloon has become a symbol in this hundred-year-old land. The sky images dotted with colorful hot air balloon hidden behind ancient temples and stupas creates a persistent myth that arouses the excitement of international travelers. That’s why a hot air balloon ride over Bagan is a must-try experience for all visitors.

Photo: judithscharnowski/pixabay

Bagan - A Not-To-Miss Destination In Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar is located on the east bank of the Ayeyarwady River. Amidst an area of ​​about 65km², this is considered a place to catch sight of Buddhist cultural constructions such as temples, stupas, and monasteries. Up to now, it is home to more than 2,000 temples and pagodas. According to archaeologists, this might be just half of the ancient citadel. However, this doesn’t impair the ultimate appeal of Bagan. When I first approached the city, I was standing in awe due to a large number of buildings from red bricks. The red shade well blends in the rough soil trails, drafting a magical gate for the guests to travel back in time.

The temple here has magical beauty over time, giant Buddha statues and paintings are decorated in a rather sophisticated way. Also, all temples and towers in Bagan have 4-sided design with the center of the tower in the middle. Therefore, to admire the architecture and Buddha statues, every visitor to visit must go around the tower, like the traditional pilgrimage of Buddhist followers.

In many temples, inside there is also a staircase for you to climb the central tower. From that point, the guests can achieve a breathtaking panoramic view of Bagan with thousands of temples, stupas of all shapes and sizes interspersed with forest. It’s like a picture of heaven appearing from the real world.

Photo: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke/Pixabay 

The Incredible Grace Of Bagan From A Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon journey in Bagan will bring you an awe-inspiring experience. From the colorful balloons, you can admire Bagan panorama with over 4000 temples and pagodas with bright yellow sunshine. Someday when the patchy fog drifts in the air, Bagan turns into a sleeping beauty hidden under the mysterious curtain of nature. It’s so calm and serene leaning on the bank of the Ayeyarwady River.

The sun in Bagan is seen from the hot air balloon, bringing a legendary beauty as it rises right on the ancient towers with warm tones. The higher the sun, the brighter the light runs through the mist. The dazzling glow puts a gorgeous and magical dress on Bagan, making it a heaven on earth. You will hardly be able to catch this majestic view anywhere in the world.

Traveling to Myanmar in addition to experiencing a hot air balloon in Bagan to watch the sunset and sunrise, you can also choose to go in November. It's an ideal period to pair your Bagan trip with Taunggyi. Here you can catch the hot air balloon festival. This is the most magnificent and breathtaking festival in Myanmar that attracts millions of attendees. The balloon festival in Taunggyi takes place about ten days in early November with a lot of special activities. In particular, the main attraction is the hot air balloon and fireworks competition that takes place around the clock. At this festival, local Burmese will create gorgeously decorated paper balloons, then burn candles to the sky. Many hot air balloons were added with colorful flowers, along with brilliant firework displays.

Photo: ray rui on Unsplash

Additional Information For A Perfect Hot Air Balloon Ride In Bagan

Going to Bagan in the morning is the best time to watch the sunrise. Currently, in Bagan, there are three air balloon service suppliers for tourists: Bagan - Golden Eagle, Balloons Over Bagan and Oriental Ballooning. The best way is to contact them in person. Or if you are not fluent in the Burmese language, you can ask a third-party tour agent for help. Actually, I prefer the latter option because Bagan is not the only stop in my Myanmar excursion. A destination management company can facilitate a reasonable arrangement for the whole trip.

Each balloon trip in Bagan will last about 3.5 hours in which the actual time on the balloon is around 1 hour. Hot air balloon travel in Bagan is in high season around April to October annually. With each visit by aircraft, visitors have to pay from over 300 USD to 400 USD. A price is quite expensive. But if this is the chance for you to let the moths out of your wallet, don’t ever miss the opportunity to see Bagan from the sky at dawn and sunset

Coming to Bagan, visitors will always have the best experience, immersed in the magical Dharma space at the temples, enjoying the beautiful view from the hot air balloon. Besides, cuisine and culture of Myanmar are also fascinating. If you are planning to travel to Myanmar, then do it now, lots of exciting experiences are waiting for you ahead.