Indochina is the great choice for family holidays. The diversity of options, extraordinary value and friendly people make it fun for all ages and easy on budget. Being the trained local, our experienced team know deeply what Indochina have to suite family groups. Our team knows family’s demands then we could offer exactly tailored journeys base on clients wish and keep everyone happy, comfortable with special touches, unforgettable family memories that come with them during the life. We care of the concern of each age from the kid to teenage, adult and old people. How is the different when family travel with kids, or multi generations, multinational family.

What do we mostly focus on when we organize family trip

Demand of different ages


From our perspective, an ideal family trip should meet the need of every member. Therefore, our family packages combine suitable activities for both adults and children. Depending on the age of the parents as well as the kids, we will alter the itinerary to ensure your family have the most memorable moment together.



Lovely memories among the family members are a crucial element in family trips tailor made by Authentic Asia. Our aim is to bring about long lasting experiences so that the guests will not only appreciate the beauty of the destinations but also strengthen their family bonds.



In terms of traveling, children can be the pickiest. That’s why comfort is our top priority. Our family packages intend to make those little guests the most satisfied with extra convenience when in transportation, accommodation as well as in tour activities.



Flexibility is important in family packages as the kids are pretty unpredictable. Authentic Asia packages for families allow freedom for necessary changes to suit the demand of each family and the real situation during your family travel.

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