Dear partners and clients, 

“Inside out”- is my philosophy in life as I think since we were born, we have tried to know ourselves by discovering the world outside through our five senses. There is an interesting thing that one day we realize that to understand deeply ourselves, it starts from inner with basic values as Mahatma Gandhi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

“Inside out” – that’s our reason to build and develop “Authentic Asia™” brand. I and my local team were born in local, grow up and develop in the local so we deeply know the original values of our land which were created by nature, people & culture from time to time.  We aim to find these authentic values to enrich travelers’ inner. Actually, every moment is very important to our life, so we try to bring not only the experiences at destinations but also every emotion on the way reaching to experiences in our land. We especially treasure moment feelings and put all our hearts and love into every product when we create packages for our clients.

After working in the travel industry 15 years and traveling to several countries, working with thousand partners which make me consistency reinforce our missions of Authentic Asia™:

“Bring the most convenient, happiest to travelers”; “Create the best working environment for passion labor in the industry”; “Commit with responsible tourism” 

Let partner with Authentic Asia™ team to enrich travelers’ spirit by valuable experience in Asia, for the travel industry and for a better environment.

Kien Trung (David) - Founder & CEO of Authentic Asia™